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Follow the Rainbow

to Downtown Campbell

Campbell, California                                            

Photo  Postcards

Photographs   and​  Designs

​by  Luanna K. Leisure

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Luanna K. Leisure Featuring:

Bosh and Socks areBest Buds

Quack! Quack! I Want My Feathers Back!

Mystery at Lone Oak Ranch

     ​Thinking of You                                                          Backsides of all cards are similar

     West Coast, California                                               Locations are different

    Wishing you a Beautiful Day                                    Greetings From Silicon Valley, California

    Hakone Gardens, Saratoga, California                a Collage of shots from all over Silicon Valley

    Greetings From                                                           Just to Say Hello

    The Orchard City                                                         Hakone Gardens, Saratoga, California

    Campbell, California