Quack! Quack! I Want My Feathers Back! is a story about six year old cousins, Willie and Bristol, and how they create a massive mess with an exploding pillow and raining feathers. In her efforts to repair Willie's flat pillow, Grandma searches for feathers and finds the perfect feather donor. An animated little duck with an attitude demands his feathers back. This picture story book for five to ten year olds, teaches how old-time customs clash with contemporary paradigms in a delightful and educational story. 

​The idea of Quack! Quack!I Want My Feathers Back, came to my mind after remembering something my mother told be about a wedding gift that was given to her and dad. They were married in 1925. As the custom was, they were given a featherbed. -- Luanna

​Mystery at Lone Oak Ranch is fiction clothed in current, real-life events and circumstances that our youth face on a daily basis. I endeavor to put the thought in the minds of our youth that when faced with a problem, they can talk to their counselor at school, a teacher or a family member, like a parent, grandparent or cousin.

From the time they were little kids, twelve year old cousins, Willie and Bristol, loved to make up exciting adventures. Little did they realize this was preparing them for their purpose in life--to be the chosen ones--to go on real-life secret missions and to solve mysteries.

Their first mission takes them to a creepy 200 year-old ranch house where they discover holographic portals, a hiddenpassageway, a secret underground tunnel leading to the barn, skeletons and . . . the Helping Stone! It is here they solve their first mystery of . . . the missing bones.

Along with the excitement of solving mysteries, Willie is faced with family and personal problems. His cousin, Bristol, is his best friend, and his grandfather is always there when he needs a confidant. Willie's best buddy is his dog, Bronco. There are secrets at Lone Oak Ranch and in Willie's family, but all comes to light by the end of the book.

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36 pages, 3 to 8 years

Bosh and Socks are Best Buds.Bosh and Socks are two unlikely best friends, but best buds they are. In their attempts to not be separated, they run away but end up in lots of trouble. They find themselves in a pet rescue shelter and are adopted by different but very kind and loving families.  They are safe and loved and even though they are not together, they will be Best Buds forever!

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