Book Review by: Eileen, 4th grade 

Dear Luanna K Leisure

The book you wrote was wonderful! I like the book Mystery At Lone Oak Ranch very much because of the fun adventure Bristol and Willie go on. The book is very interesting to read because it is a mystery Willie and Bristol are solving along with many surprises at the end. My favorite part of the book was when Bristol, Willie and Mr. Chickering find the helping stone in Mr. Chickering's grandson's toys. I was very surprised when Arnold told Willie that .

I was very entertained during winter break because of reading this wonderful and interesting book. I really like mystery books so I hope that you will write more books that are mysteries. I really enjoyed reading the book.


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This is one of the best children's mysteries. Well written, exciting, fun, full of humor, with excellent mystery content. The author is able to build refreshing examples of children who are in the process of developing integrity and honest character. This is Luanna K. Leisure's first published book and I am waiting, in anticipation, for the next book to be published. 

Renee Ezelle Visalia, CA

Peyton Carrera gives a big thumbs up after reading Mystery at Lone Oak Ranch. Thank you for the great book review, Peyton!

Book review: Mystery At Lone Oak Ranch by Luanna K. Leisure, Publishing, 2012, pp. 447.

Reviewed by: Audry L. Lynch, Retired Middle School Counselor, member of the National League of American Pen Women, Santa Clara County Branch.

Have you ever wanted to go back to the world of 12 years old? If so, or if you have children in the family that age, then this book gives you easy access to that world. One of the things that make this story so realistic is the believeability of the dialogue. Mrs. Leisure, who has dedicated this book to her six grandchildren, obviously listens carefully to their speech. Of course the young sleuths do use cell phones and ipads and have parents who work for the CIA so this story happens in the present as we know it.

In other ways it's an old fashioned mystery with a haunted house, secret passages, mysteries to be solved, ghosts (a charming couple called Mr. & Mrs. Chickering) a helping stone for illumination, skeletons, and an old chest. There are enough twists and turns to the plot to keep readers riveted to the page. The characters are well-delivered, especially the two cousin protagonists, Willie and Bristol. Even their pets, Bronco, (dog) and Muscles (cat) have well-developed characters and histories because of her clever writing.

As a former JHS Counselor I was especially delighted by Mrs. Leisure's use of common modern problems: being the new kid at school, trying to like a new step-dad, mother expecting a new baby, a friend at school offering you drugs, failing grades, and losing your parents' trust. The failing grade problem was handled by the school counselor calling a conference of all of Willie's teachers and setting up a program to make up work. That happened in real life at my school.

It's a long but a good read. The action never drags because of Mrs. Leisure's excellent use of pacing. At the end, all the questions are satisfactorily answered. There is also the tantalizing thought in the conclusion that there may be many more adventures ahead for the ever curious cousins, Willie and Bristol

2012, LuLu Publishing, $19.57, ISBN: 978-0-578-11165-0

Bosh and Socks are Best Buds

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Review: . . . A Delightful story about the lives of a kitten and a puppy living in a loving home. As they grew up together, their friendship became a true bond. An unforeseen accident causes them to be placed in a shelter and eventually split apart. Chances of them getting together again appear bleak. This is a wonderful story of not only the treatment of animals when placed in a shelter, but more so a moving story of different species where friendship means more than what kind of animal they are. A poignant example considering the state of the world today.

                  Gary W. Catalano

                  Friends of Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (SVACA)

Review: . . . As a volunteer for a local shelter, the poem at the end warms my heart. It's beautifully written. May the words resonate with children and adults who read it. The story leave me anticipating the next book hoping someday the two best buds do get their ultimate wish.

                             Sayaka Nethercutt

                             Member of "Friends of SVACA"

Robert Findley reading "Quack! Quack! I Want My Feathers Back" to his grandson, Ian. Very good book for the kids. It is written by Bob's Aunt Luanna Leisure.  Thanks Aunt Luanna, Ian loved it.
Jean Findley
Clinton, Missouri

By Sharyl Justice, Gilmer, Texas

I am so proud of my sister. Sis, you authored a really good book. I have already read it. It holds your attention. It is a mystery book and has many excellent values for children or anyone who reads it.

Terry Meehan with granddaughters, Audry and Paige."They liked it!"

Quack! Quack! I Want My Feathers Back!
By Terry Meehan, Realtor
Clovis, California

I just received my order of Quack Quack and absolutely love your book! I bought some for my grandkids and for Christmas presents for my sister and brother's grandkids as well. Then, I took your book to my Memoirs class for show and tell and everybody was inspired to see a start to finish project in a size that most of us envisioned we could actually accomplish. The best part of all I think, and several of them commented as well, was how well you took a family tree story and passed it down to future generations. Well done, my dear! I think your illustrator did a fabulous job as well.

Quack! Quack! I Want My Feathers Back!
Debbie A. Townsend
Kilgore, Texas

Just received my wonderful book by Luanna K. Leisure in the mail today and could not put it down. I don't know how she  comes up with all these ideas BUT they are wonderful. If you want a great kids book that is fun and educational, check her out at and type in Luanna Leisure or go straight to (it is case sensitive) and get the book "Quack! Quack! I Want My Feathers Back!" This book will not disappoint I PROMISE. If you are looking for something for older kids she has a Mystery sequel called, "Mystery at Lone Oak Ranch." Check them both out. They are books that are fun, teach and you won't have to worry what your kids are reading.

By Carolyn Wallen, Texas

I read your book, Mystery at Lone Oak Ranch. The moral and ethic lessons mixed with adventure and mystery make it an enjoyable read. I plan to pass it on to our great-grandchildren (we have many).

Luanna, Thank you so much for  your new children's book,Quack! Quack! I Want My Feathers Back. So cute, well written and illustrated! It's definitely for adults, too! Lots of work and well worth it!

Joan Berry,
Auburn, CA

Bosh and Socks are

Best Buds

I had my first opportunity to read Best Buds to my grandchildren this week and it was a success. The four year old sat on my lap through the whole story and her seven year old sister helped me read it. You did such an amazing job.

Terry Meehan

Clovis, California

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Luanna K. Leisure Featuring:

Bosh and Socks areBest Buds

Quack! Quack! I Want My Feathers Back!

Mystery at Lone Oak Ranch

23rd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards October 2015

Entry Title:  Quack! Quack! I Want My Feathers Back!

Author: Luanna K. Leisure

Judge Number: 4

Entry Category: Children's Picture Books

Books are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 meaning "needs improvement" and 5 meaning "outstanding."

Structure, Organization, and Pacing: 5

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar: 5

Production Quality and Cover Design: 5

Plot and Story Appeal: 5

Character Appeal and Development: 5

Voice and Writing Style: 5

Judge's Commentary:

     QUACK! QUACK! i WANT MY FEATHERS BACK! By Luanna K. Leisure is a cute, family-centered story with adorable illustrations sure to be enjoyed for generations to come. The production values of this book are lovely. The front cover illustration is cute, with the children attempting to put a sweater on a featherless--or nearly featherless--duck. The cats just add to the fun. The back cover copy seems a bit much at first glance but is worth reading. Nice, crisp author photo. Inside, I like that the author tells us more books are forthcoming from her, too. After perusing this volume, no doubt the author's many fans will be looking for more!

     The text is great. The dialogue is natural and realistic. The characters are fun and easy to relate to. I think children will enjoy these characters. I would like to see more books with the4m. The story is well written and enjoyable. The illustrations are vivid and fun to look at. I like the colors. Nice and vivid. I want to live in that hoiuse!

     Overall, a lovely book. I am so glad this author is making a career out of writing books. I hope she's partnering with this illustrator, too. Nicely done.