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Louise Webb's Memoirs Class
September 7, 2019

Top Row: Raj Kaur, Executive Assistant; John Kimball, Diana Chan, Grace Bush, John Poole, Dorothy Atkins, Judy Bingman, Chuck Chaffin, Minda Schwartz.

Bottom Row: Jing-shi Su, Luanna Leisure, Dorothy Clapp, Norma Slavit, Patricia Dennis, Louise Webb, Debby Freeman, Rolayne Edwards and Joan Gomersall. 

     This book is dedicated to Louise Webb, our memoirs class leader and our inspiration. Louise has been leading her memoirs class for over 16 years. We, the members of her class, wish to honor her with this book and thank her for her enthusiasm, dedication and continued support.

     Louise, we are all better by being a part of your class. Thank You!

This book is compiled and designed by

Luanna K. Leisure

Louise Webb's Memoirs Class
November 30, 2016

Dick Walthart, Diana Chan, Norma Slavit, Dorothy Atkins, Patricia Dennis, Joan Gomersall, Debby Freeman, Jing Su, Luanna Leisure, Louise Webb and in front sitting, Chuck Chaffin and Grace Bush

​​​Best of Our Memoirs

     What do you think about when you hear the word "Memoir?" It's quite a bit more than a chronology of someone's life.

     Take a look inside of this book. You may be surprised, intrigued, saddened, lifted up or perhaps inspired.

     The writers of this collection of reminiscences have been brave to share some of their life experiences with you.

     Perhaps you will be inspired to start writing your memoirs.

ISBN: 978-0-578-18553-8

Author: Luanna K. Leisure



What is Your Memoir?

When I first started attending Louise Webb’s memoirs class, and I listened to what the members read about themselves, I realized I didn’t have to start writing from the day I was born and proceed writing my life in chronological order.

Each person read about their life, but their stories were never boring, but rather, interesting, intriguing, sad, triumphant, funny sometimes shocking and personal. I could relate to so many of them, and because of their kindness and acceptance, it was easy for me to share my life and the events in it that made me who I am today.

We are unique individuals with unique stories. But, on occasion, someone would relate an event in their life and it would trigger an idea for some of the rest of us.

Many times, while writing about a specific event in my life, I would call my sister, Sharyl, and ask her if she remembered it in the same way. Many times she would agree, but just as many times she had a different view. This is okay. My sister is four years older and her perception and experiences are not and cannot be the same as mine. From her point of view she may have understood something totally different. The event could have affected each of us in different ways because of our individual personalities. There are so many variables that can cause different people to be at the same place at the same time and have different opinions on what happened.

What each person has to do is honestly relate, in their own personal memoir, their own experience and perception. Sometimes my sister and I have different opinions but we can also be positive that each of us is correct in our own personal observation.

So, what is your memoir? Don’t be afraid to start writing for fear of getting the facts wrong. Write as honestly as you possibly can and do your research. What I discovered to be most exciting as I wrote, was the clarity that began to appear in my mind. Events would fall into place. My memory would be sparked by a trigger of remembrance.

I discovered that not only do you begin to understand yourself better but more ideas and situations come to the surface. It can be extremely healing and exciting.

If you are reading this book, you may be interested in writing your own memoirs. I encourage you to do so. Read what our class has written. Most of us are not professional writers but we appreciate and enjoy reading our stories and listening to each other as well as give each other helpful suggestions.

Check your local community center or senior center for a memoirs class. Our class meets at the Saratoga Senior Center in Saratoga, California. You may enjoy attending.

If you are at a blank on to how to get started writing, just read the memoirs in this book. Also, in the back is a listing of topics that may help trigger ideas.

What is your memoir?